Cocoa Sofa

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Size: Cocoa Sofa / 3-Seater


Cocoa Sofa

Design Philosophy

Cocoa always brings a simple delight and joy to people. The designer drew inspiration from the cocoa bean's facets, infusing the natural aesthetics from nature and the simple pleasures of food into the sofa.

The cocoa sofa's seat cushion design extends from the graceful facets of cocoa pods, featuring the exquisite angular texture found on cocoa pods. It is complemented by genuine American leather, imparting a sofa with a smooth and delicate texture reminiscent of cocoa itself.

Light luxury and elegant style

The cocoa sofa has a simple and natural shape, and the full and soft upholstery echoes the comfortable sitting feeling, making the home more intimate.

360° full genuine leather

 every side looks beautiful and the back also looks beautiful, you can put it anywhere.

Made of American original genuine leather-

it uses a natural plain texture to express the retro pleated texture, which exudes endless charm, is soft and tough, and feels comfortable to the touch.

Sofa interior structure

Comfortable seating depends on interior materials.

Return to the comfort zone

The backrest bag is also filled with super soft down

Reading books at night and watching TV shows on weekends will keep your back from feeling sore and your waist not empty.

Cocoa Sofa - grado

15cm high leg design

Brushed stainless steel tripod, light and elegant, suitable for most sweeping robots to shuttle back and forth.

The split design makes it easy to enter the house

The bottom is connected with a crocodile mouth, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to move it into your home - individuals can easily install it.

Cocoa Sofa - grado

The ultra-wide armrests are great for sitting and storing things. 

The ultra-wide soft-covered armrests can be used in any way. They are very comfortable to lean on and convenient for putting things.

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