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Cheese Modular Sofa

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Cheese Modular Sofa

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Design Concept

Like the seasoning effect of cheese on food, the cheese sofa also has a versatile adaptability to the space. Its simple shape makes it suitable for environments ranging from home space to office space and public space.
The choice of a variety of fabrics also makes it competent for a variety of home styles.

High-quality Materials

Real materials can be seen, ensuring a good life experience Indulge in the luxurious comfort of genuine materials and elevate your everyday life.

Free Combination

Flexible units provide a variety of combinations to meet the needs of different apartment types With endless options, this sofa lets you tailor your space to your unique lifestyle and taste, making it the perfect fit for any luxury apartment.

26.7in Wide Seating Depth

The Cheese Modular Sofa features a wide seat bag with a generous seating depth. Its unique design allows for various sitting positions, eliminating any pressure or discomfort when sitting cross-legged. The sofa is also ideal for lying down and resting, providing ultimate comfort and flexibility.

Cheese Modular Sofa - grado

Compact Island Location

Armless design on one side, subtraction in design eliminates the bulkiness of the sofa
It can be used as a royal concubine's seat, flexibly placed, and friendly to small apartments.
It can also be used as a storage table to place mobile phones and miscellaneous items.

Checkered Large Texture Fabric

Multi-colored yarns are intertwined, the thick texture is layered, and it is durable.
Using environmentally friendly fuel, good gloss, classic and simple

1.9" Height Metal Feet Support

Made of black carbon steel, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant
The tripod retracts inward to effectively prevent kicking

Split Design for Easy Entry

The modules are connected using mountain-shaped insert metal connectors
Don’t worry about not being able to move into your home

Cheese Modular Sofa - grado