Carefree Tatami Chair

Sale price$431.00 USD

Size: 20''Wx 19.3''Dx 12.8''H, 3.7''SH

color: kapok-111

Carefree Tatami Chair

Unique Style

The rounded handrail not only provides visual appeal but also offers an ergonomic experience that better conforms to human usage habits.

Solid Wood Comfortable Seating

The solid wood add with the semi-circle armrests and lowered backrest, perfectly conforming to the curve of the human back, ensuring comfort in any sitting position.

Solid Wood Footrest

The solid wood footrest and solid wood frame use the same material, not only complementing the frame but also enhancing the overall spatial feel of the product.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

The intricate craftsmanship at the handrail joint sets it apart from conventional wood joining techniques, elevating both its aesthetic appeal and manufacturing standards. This special design aims to deliver a visually pleasing and comfortable seating experience.

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