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Butter Sofa with Headrests

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Butter Sofa with Headrests

Regular price $1,599.00
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Design Concept

Many people say that a sofa is uncomfortable when you can't lean your head against it, and that the cervical vertebrae can't relax when you sit for a long time without support.
However, if you buy a high back sofa at home, half of the wall will be occupied, and the space will be very confined.
Butter sofa headrest model has any folding headrest, turn down is a short back of the daily sofa, turn up is a full sense of support high back.
It's a great way to maximize comfort and value.

5-position adjustable headrest for family comfort

5-position adjustable headrest to suit different heights
Both children and parents can find the angle they want to lean on.

Folding headrest is not height-dependent

High backrest height 23.6'' Low backrest height 15.7''

Napa light throw leather low-key luxury choice

Imported from Europe and the United States of America, the first layer of cowhide leather, the surface has a natural texture.
The light flinging process makes the leather softer and more supple. Like human skin, it has good elasticity and support.

Easy to operate

Easily change the headrest angle with a gentle lift
No switch, one step

25.6'' wide and deep seating depth for freedom of movement

Free your legs from fatigue and arouse your body's instinctive consciousness.
Cross-legged/crouch/cross-legged are all possible.

Multi-stage support fits the body

Hip-Leg-Lumbar-Back-Shoulder support.
Wraps around the body for total relaxation

Self-contained breathable mesh releases evenly and breathes

Not afraid of hot weather, comfortable and breathable, suitable for all seasons.

Comes with 2 long lumbar pillows

Lumbar support, chenille fabric, comfort UP!
Can also be used as a pillow for naps