Butter Sofa Slipcovered

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size: 3-Seate


Butter Sofa Slipcovered

Design Concept

The Butter Sofa series is inspired by cut butter. The overall shape is like butter, with neat horizontal and vertical lines cut out as needed, creating a clean and wide three-dimensional vision, and meeting the needs of various spaces with the simplest styling language.

Low Backrest

The low backrest of the butter sofa is suitable for low-rise apartments, creating more visual surplus for small and medium-sized spaces, and allowing large sofas to be placed without overcrowding.

Widened Backrest

Can place items for easy access A widened backrest gives you room to keep the items you need close at hand, so you can reach them quickly and easily.

Replaceable Cloth Cover

Easy to clean This slipcovered sofa is designed to be a breeze to clean, with a replaceable cloth cover that stands up to spills and wear. Enjoy the luxurious look and feel of this sophisticated piece, without any of the hassle.

No Sinking In Seats For Hours

Ergonomically designed, with good support for the waist and hips It's designed for superior comfort that stands the test of time. Enjoy lasting support for your arms, shoulders, waist, and hips.

Comes With Three Pillows

No need to stress about finding matching pillows anymore. You can now curl up in ultimate comfort and style, as we've got you covered with perfectly matching pillows!

Fully Upgrade

In 2023, grado's butter series will be fully upgraded: the new single seat can be used as a fireplace sofa, suitable for the living room or business negotiation area; the new footrest and seat post can also be used as coffee tables and sun beds; the newly upgraded butter module The sofa system meets the need for more space. Whether it is a small apartment, studio, or a large villa or business hall, the butter sofa series is a versatile furniture solution.

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