Butter Sofa Extra Soft

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Butter Sofa Extra Soft

Design Concept

Grado has been drawing inspiration from the minutiae of daily life.

Inspired from butter, the shape of sofa is cut into clean contours with straight lines.


The seat and back cushions have been enhanced for an even softer, offering a more luxurious comfort level.

Free Combination

By offering a selection of five modules, you can creatively assemble into various shapes to meet your specific requirements and utilize with flexibility.

Textured Fabric

This sofa is crafted from chenille fabric, rich in natural and authentic texture. Its surface boasts a subtly textured, grainy sensation that is smooth to the touch, and it becomes increasingly supple with extended use.

Extra Large Seating Area

The seat is designed with ample depth, plush softness, and generous width, allowing for a variety of comfortable sitting positions.

Lower Center of Gravity

The sofa's design incorporates a low center of gravity, enhancing both its visual appeal and the sense of stability when seated. This also facilitates easy climbing for children, ensuring a safe experience.

Detachable & Easily Cleanable

The pillow, seat cushion, and backrest pouch each feature discreet zippers for effortless maintenance and cleaning

Move Convenient

The sofa features a convenient crocodile mouth-style joint in its center, allowing for simple disassembly and transport.

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