Aeronauts Sofa

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Aeronauts Sofa

Aeronauts Sofa - grado

Design Philosophy

The majestic hot air balloons drifting across Turkish skies ignite a quest for creativity and beauty in design. Sculpted with subtly expanded forms, our creations embody poetic aesthetics, captivating the eye with their three-dimensional allure. Whether sitting atop or reclining within, it's akin to embarking on a journey in a hot air balloon—ever intriguing and refreshing.

Varied Postures

The innovative design of high and low armrests accommodates diverse sitting positions. Whether you're engrossed in reading while leaning on high armrests or lounging for a rest with low armrests, it ensures optimal comfort. The split design simplifies entry into your home, featuring a bottom connected with a crocodile mouth for easy installation by a single person.

Curved Armrests

Experience grounded comfort with our curved armrests, designed to provide a stable, non-floating sensation. Filled with a blend of down and high-resilience foam, these plush armrests feature a thoughtful curved and inclined design, ensuring comfortable support for the body.

Customizable Curved Backrest Height

Tailor your comfort with our sofa's adjustable curved backrest, allowing you to choose the height that suits you best. With various options available, it adds both versatility and consideration to your seating experience.

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