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grado has been collaborating with independent designers and designer teams from around the world, including Italy, Germany, Spain, and Canada. Our 30-member international designer team spares no effort to bring their extraordinary ideas to life, meeting a wide range of spatial needs.

Designer Profile - Eden Lu - grado

Designer Profile - Eden Lu

Eden Lu, a graduate from the China Academy of Art, believes in deriving inspiration from life and staying true to it in her designs. She aspires for her designs to be warm and emotional. To her, de...

Designer Profile - Fiona Feng - grado

Designer Profile - Fiona Feng

Fiona Feng graduated from Zhejiang A&F University, majoring in Interior and Furniture Design. She focuses on the relationship among users, space and products, holding that every design is a sym...

Designer Profile - Mia Yu - grado

Designer Profile - Mia Yu

Mia Yu graduated from Zhejiang A&F University as an Interior and Furniture Design major. Since joining in grado in 2018, she has participated in the development of many products. Mia proposes t...

designerDesigner Profile - Sisi Hong - grado

Designer Profile - Sisi Hong

An international trained Industrial Designer, graduated from the MID major of the Pratt Institute in New York.She cares about tangible products in daily life that close enough to people’s daily lif...