Design Principles


At grado, we believe that exceptional design is all about serving people. As we explore our own design style, we define it as "non-aggressive," ensuring that each of our products caters to the diverse needs of contemporary lifestyles while showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. Through extreme restraint, our inclusive design language allows customers to incorporate their products seamlessly into different spaces and at different times. We hope each customer has the freedom to express themselves and create a space that truly resonates with their unique understanding of the good life.


grado's design philosophy is rooted in the present, focusing on customers' needs based on the characteristics of the current era. As time passes, needs evolve, and societal trends emerge. That's why we strive to be close to our customers and evolve our design approach in tune with their evolving usage habits and preferences. Importantly, we aim to go beyond just practical functionality, recognizing the desire for spiritual satisfaction. The way people express themselves through their lifestyle and living choices is essential. At grado, our priority is to make sure our customers feel understood, heard, and empowered as they navigate the modern world and make their mark on it.

Mission & Vision

Throughout the course of civilization and the transformations of history, people have ingeniously crafted tools to aid their survival. Simultaneously, the concept of the home gradually took shape. Furniture serves as the nexus between these two aspects of human ingenuity. In modern society, furniture design has been undertaken by a group of professionals, where grado is included. From the earliest stages, the designers at grado recognized the universal value of design. We understood that aesthetics and functionality of design should benefit each individual on our beloved planet.

Flourishes in Your Home/Your home tells your story. Guided by this profound realization, grado embarked on a transformative path. We evolved from designing for others to embracing independent design, and ultimately, to full-fledged independent production. Each step has been taken with meticulous care, ensuring strict control over every aspect of product creation, thereby allowing the products to truly embody the essence of original design. For grado, design is meant to be shared, not worshipped from afar. Design, akin to a seed, should be planted in the fertile soil and flourish, stretching as far as the eye can see.