Zong Sofa / French Seam - 1-Seater

Sale price$776.00 USD

Size: 35.4''w x40.1''d x27.9''h sh:15.3''

Combination: Zong Sofa


Color: Steam-101

Zong Sofa / French Seam - 1-Seater

Design Concept

This sofa incorporates very traditional Chinese elements. This Zong Sofa is very modern frameless all-sponge structure, light to the weight of a 1-year-old child. 6 sections of support to fit the human body, reliable to the shoulders and neck can meet the reading / doze / cross-legged / reverse sitting various sitting positions.


Sisi Hong

Sisi Hong is an internationally trained industrial designer who graduated with the MID major from the Pratt Institute in New York. She has a passion for unusual and playful ideas, as well as grotesque yet reasonable ones. Sisi cares about tangible products close enough to people’s daily lives and strives to use her expertise as a designer to create better products for a better life. Her odyssey from a rural area to an urban environment and then to the U.S. has endowed her design with a richer touch and elasticity.

Traditional Zongzi with a Chinese twist

With the Chinese local cuisine as a source of inspiration, grado created a Zong Sofa + 9-Layer Sofa and other cultural elements of the second life, we come to the guardian!

Scientific density ratio comfortable and not tired

Based on nearly 10 years of experience in furniture, several sponge density and modeling tests and finally seated body feeling, fit the human body and sit for a long time without getting tired.

Saddle-like design for a better fit

The sofa's seat surface is concave to fit the shape of the buttocks, and the concave arc naturally guides the sitting posture after sitting down.

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