Grado in Salone del Mobile 2024: A story about EcoZen

Grado in Salone del Mobile 2024: A story about EcoZen - grado

As the Salone del Mobile kicked off this week, Grado is thrilled to attend this international design fair again. In order to better express "Materia Natura", we've delved into the deeper connection between humanity and nature, as well as the whole material world.


With the development of society, people are exposed to more and more complex information, while some of them are useless and even harmful to our soul. It's a great matter that how we perceive our relationship with the outside world and how we balance it. Making a subtraction to your life is the answer from Grado. We believe that living lightly is essential to go further.


At the core of this exploration, we embrace the principles of Zen, intertwining them with our commitment to sustainability to introduce a captivating line of products which is called "EcoZen". Through it, we hope to redefine environmental consciousness and the essence of simplicity. It represents a dual journey—outwardly, it advocates for environmental stewardship, fostering a harmonious relationship with our planet, while inwardly, it encourages a reduction of inner clutter, fostering spiritual tranquility.

Sometimes, the simplest designs can bring the richest experiences, what likes life itself. Meet the Ondo Sofa that has smooth, rounded shape and natural wrinkle texture, adding a touch of delight to any space. Sink into its spacious, flexible cushion and enjoy the unparalleled comfort whether you're sitting upright or lounging. With options like durable shark silicone leather, classic cowhide, or cozy lamb velvet, you can choose the fabric that speaks to your personal style, making your space uniquely by yourself.



We can perpetually get the inspiration from the nature. Home, alike to a nurturing nest, shelters everyone and envelops people in warmth. Inspired by this, we design the Nestle Lounge Chair. It exudes simplicity and adaptability through a seamless, one-piece design, where you can see the seat surface, backrest, and armrests meld harmoniously. Crafted with a cozy wool-textured fabric for the seat cushion and available with a tripod base crafted from either solid ash wood or stainless steel, this chair invites you to create a chic atmosphere according to your preferences.



The Fika Lounge Chair shows a daring exploration of materials. Combine with stainless steel tripod, saddle leather belt, chenille fabric seat cushion, and ash solid wood armrests harmoniously, it exudes a distinctive high-end taste. Yet, except for its aesthetics, functionality is also considered. Ingeniously designed snap buttons allow for customizable adjustments to the length of the saddle leather, while the plush seat cushion envelops every contour of your body in softness and comfort.



In response to the resurgence of medieval aesthetics as well as our embrace of the "less is more" philosophy, the Sundae Table is born. Despite its outward simplicity, with its versatile and retractable design, it can effortlessly adapt to various living situations. Crafted from eco-friendly solid white oak, both the table top and legs are meticulously hand-polished to preserve the innate texture of the wood, adding a touch of natural elegance to any space.



Among the vast universe and the sprawling landscapes, we are but a humble fragment of this magnificent planet. The Planets Bedside Table seeks to present this profound connection. With its fusion of metal and ash wood, it embodies the link of humanity and nature, inviting people to embrace the inherent beauty and tranquility of environment. As a modular design, this table integrates into modern living spaces easily, whether it be a chic apartment or a spacious villa, adapting effortlessly to suit your needs and preferences.



The Hippo Pouf is a design that we're eager to share with more people as it embodies our core design ethos. In a world where human development encroaches upon animal habitats, including those of hippos, thus, we hope to inspire a love for nature and promote simpler living through this cute pouf, a companion for joyful moments. Crafted from 3D three-dimensional elastic cloth and shark silicone skin, it offers a comfortable tactile experience. Filled with EPS particles what can retain the shape admirably and ensure the lasting enjoyment.



Just as simple notes harmonize into endless music, our Melody Coat Rack embodies this essence. Crafted from sleek stainless steel, its minimalist design also has the remarkable functionality, offering ample storage for garments, bags, and accessories. Just because of these merits, it seamlessly futs to various settings, finding its place in any corner of your home. While it may appear unassuming, it serves as an essential fixture in daily life, effortlessly organizing your belongings with understated elegance.



Sometimes, conveying a sense of high quality doesn't necessitate complexity; even a small item can be the finishing touch. The Skiff Box -- meticulously handcrafted from premium leather, both inside and out. Its three-dimensional frame exudes a luxurious, yet understated elegance, offering a tactile experience that is both refined and distinctive. While serving as a stylish magazine holder, this basket can also storage clothing or miscellaneous items, adding functionality to its timeless charm.



Living in the EcoZen lifestyle is akin to being gently blown by a spring breeze, it will facilitate many changes seamlessly, purify the soul, and infuse newfound vitality into our lives. And us, Grado, hopes to journey with you in this enriching lifestyle for a long haul.

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