grado&Found Dai: Furniture and Fashion Co-starred in a Show of Post-COVID World

grado&Found Dai: Furniture and Fashion Co-starred in a Show of Post-COVID World - grado


Owing to the pandemic, Chinese Woman’s Fashion Designer brand Found Dai held a womenswear show without a live audience and presented as a digital version.



grado was invited to help in the show design and offer a special set with our Contract Collection star product, Hug Chair.


 grado product: Hug Chair with arms(click to explore more)


As Prada designer Koolhass once said, “The most important thing (of fashion) for us is to understand the people we work for, that we understand their aspirations, habits, ticks, cultures, and aesthetics.” It’s as if you come from a different planet and you look, and try to define, and can really interpret very carefully what you see, and what that means.

Grado’s Hug Chairs were arranged randomly around the space following the rule of “social distancing”. However, their arms showed that each one aspire to have hugs from others, to achieve intimacy, to gain a sense of security. The chairs each heads toward different directions, offering a look of exploring, trying, and feeling lots of confused and lost.




The Found Dai models were sitting, leaning, standing, or wandering in this isolated space. They were pursuing connections with this very environment mirroring the nature of a post-COVID city life.

grado and Found Dai, both as responsible and empowered designer brands in different areas, co-contextualized people’s spiritual problems, psychologically and physically, creating a strong relationship between the Hug Chairs and the Found Dai collection.



grado is ready to offer thoughtful service meeting your all-round space needs. As a designer brand, we are professional in any artistic designing events and let our furniture products make your statement and enhance your atmosphere.




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