Inside Elegance: Crafting Tranquility with Julian and Grado

Inside Elegance: Crafting Tranquility with Julian and Grado - grado
Owner: Julian
Location: Texas, USA

Julian, an esteemed interior designer with a penchant for serene and sophisticated spaces, sought to infuse his home with the essence of his work. His search for furnishings that resonated with his ethos brought him to the doors of Grado, where the Halle Modular Sofa, the Omelette Lounge Chair, the Sugar Cubes Coffee Table, and the Almond Side Table captured his imagination.

The Halle Modular Sofa stood as the cornerstone of Julian’s living space, embodying the flexibility and refined design he cherished. Its fabric caressed the contours of modernity, while its form promised comfort and an open invitation to unwind in style.

Positioned to face the sweeping windows, the Omelette Lounge Chair became Julian’s sanctuary for deep thought and relaxation. More than just a chair, it stood as a silent confidant, offering a perfect blend of ergonomic support and cutting-edge design.

Living Room Chair

At the center of Julian's studio space, the Sugar Cubes Coffee Table demanded attention. It was not just a piece of furniture, but a functional work of art. Its distinctive, geometric form and bold presence provided a striking counterpoint to the soft daylight that danced through the windows, a platform as much for Julian's coffee as for his impromptu client presentations.


Just within reach of the plush seating, the Almond Side Table presented itself with an unassuming elegance. Its compact design and clean lines made it the ideal resting spot for Julian's cup of espresso or a current read. Though petite, it was a silent anchor in the room's design, a subtle statement piece that complemented the expansive nature of the studio while offering just enough space for the day's necessities as Julian moved through his design journey.

Almond Side Table - grado


Julian’s home, graced with Grado’s creations, was more than a showcase of professional excellence; it was a personal sanctuary where every piece echoed his commitment to beauty and utility. The spaces he designed were not merely areas of living but experiences to be felt and lived.

Grado’s designs did not just occupy space in Julian’s home—they transformed it, allowing his haven to mirror the tranquility and elegance of his design philosophy. Here, creativity found its muse, and comfort met sophistication in every line and texture.

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