10 Easter Home Refresh Ideas

10 Easter Home Refresh Ideas - grado

"Now the heart sings with all the voices of the hills."

Bliss Carman,"Spring Song"


When a ray of sunlight melts away the last remnants of winter's grip, when the barren trees burst their first new bud, and when the delicate cherry blossoms unfurl their petals in a symphony of color... the wind whispers softly, carrying the breath of spring across the world.


At Grado, we embrace the Easter Holiday, a time for treasured moments with family and friends. We also embrace each spring's enchanting dance, and together, with you, in elegant romance through this season and the next. This years, we're thrilled to unveil two new series —"Easter Wonders" and "Spring Awakening" to you, which are designed to refesh your home decor and infuse new life into your surroundings.


 "Easter Wonders"

As Easter approaches, which symbolizes a season of renewal and new beginnings. This collection embodies the essence of change and fresh starts, offering products that are perfect for celebrating this joyous holiday with loved ones. Whether you're hosting an intimate brunch or a lively gathering, these items will set the stage for memorable moments with family and friends.


Don't forget: our loved winter

When winter fades into memory, our beloved Pan Flute Sofa continues to capture the hearts of our customers. As we embrace the arrival of spring, we envision this sofa as a faithful companion, accompanying you through each day and sharing in life's joys. Its extra wide sitting area allows you laying, chatting and playing with your loved persons in this Easter Holiday. Besides, because of its three-proof lambswool fabric, it's not just stylish – it's practical too, with water-proof, oil-proof, and stain-proof properties. So don't worry about getting it dirty, just enjoy the pleasure of spring!


Now refresh: the new start

Perhaps you've been tired of the winter's looking, eager to change your room, now take a look of Ondo Sofa. As a set of modular sofa, it can perfectly fit any size of room, offer limitless possibilities for arrangement. Drawing inspiration from the organic shape of peas, its sleek design injects a burst of energy into your home decor, ushering in the vibrant spirit of spring. Never mind if the cushion will lost its fluffiness over time, as we deliberately choose a styling sponge that will last as long as the seasons change. Just say goodbye to winter blues and hello to a fresh, revitalized ambiance with this sofa.


Meet by chance: the beauty of spring

Sometimes we miss the beauty of everyday scenes, but occasionally, we encounter unexpected moments, like stumbling upon Haruhi. This year, invite the essence of spring into your home with the Zong Sofa Soft. Versatile and adaptable, this sofa fits seamlessly into any corner, offering you the perfect spot to unwind after waking up or completing a day's work. Sink into its soft embrace and indulge in moments of contemplation as you gaze at the distant scenery. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the backrest ensures a comfortable seating experience, enhancing your relaxation.


Stroll with: your new friend

Wandering amidst the scenery of spring with loved ones is truly a delightful experience. And when you return home, our Sundae Table ensures that the taste of spring follows you wherever you go. Crafted from solid oak, this table not only enriches the texture of your home but also imbues it with the essence of nature. With its caster design, moving the table becomes effortless, allowing you to position it wherever you desire. Plus, the tabletop automatically adjusts its height to suit various usage scenarios, making it the perfect companion for all your home activities.

Sundae Table office side table for living room5


Hug it: the brand new start

As Easter presents the dawn of new beginnings, our designers have crafted the Thinker Rabbit pillow, imbued with profound experiences. Available in two sizes, this pillow is perfect for cuddling or providing lumbar support. Filled with pearl cotton, it offers exceptional comfort and support. The cleverly designed invisible zipper allows for easy removal and washing of the pillowcase, ensuring cleanliness and longevity. It serves as a thoughtful gift, conveying your best wishes to your loved ones.


"Spring Awakening"

Just like its name shows, this collection tries to deepen the connection with nature. Each piece of furniture evokes the blooming flowers and vibrant atmosphere of spring through its well-designed.


Time for a flower to bloom

A hundred flowers bloom in spring, and a Tulip Lounge Chair decorates your space. The shape of this chair is elegant like a petal of the tulip. With a specially crafted one-piece backrest, generously padded for comfort, it accommodates various sitting postures effortlessly. The unique design on the bottom can provide additional storage space, marrying functionality with style seamlessly.


A wandering in the forest

Don't venture into the forest, bring its essence back into your home. Our Forest Chair is all made from solid ash, purely hand polished, it retains the natural texture of wood while offering a smooth, tactile experience. Its simple yet elegant design, with precisely placed gaps, eliminates any sense of dullness might associated with the material. With a timeless classical shape, this chair ensures enduring style that never goes out of fashion.


A search for spring

Spring isn't just a view out of the window, it's also woven into every corner of your home. With this idea, Spring Field Cushion was designed. Fresh and elegant floral fabrics embellish every space with a spring atmosphere, and its textural richness promises an exquisite hand feel. The cushion also has an invisible zipper design which is convient to wash, ensures both style and practicality seamlessly blend together in your home decor.


Reviving for all lives

As one of our best sellers, Hippo Pouf always embodies a belief in harmonious coexistence with all life on our planet. Whether you're sitting or leaning on it, this versatile pouf serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness with nature. Filled with EPS particles, it maintains its vivid shape over time, ensuring lasting comfort and support while upholding our commitment to sustainability.


Waiting for next spring

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring, we also take steps to protect it. The Felty Box, crafted from recycled materials synthesized from plastics. Each Felty Box repurposes approximately 25 plastic bottles, contributing to environmental sustainability. Made from a non-toxic, odorless, and durable material, it offers versatility for use in any space while promoting eco-conscious living.

Felty Box - grado



 These are the all Easter-inspired products that you could choose to decorate your home in this spring. If you have other inspirations, you can also find more in Grado.

As springtime comes and winter falls, with energy renewed, Grado will always stand by your side today and in the seasons yet to unfold.

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