Designer Profile - Stefano Campioni

Designer Profile - Stefano Campioni - grado
Stefano Campioni is an Italian designer that works around all Product Systems (brand, product, communication, distribution/
He designed for Grado, Kian (Malaysia), Victory (China), Sunon (China), Brinna (Brazil), Danese Milano, and JCDecaux (France).

He participated in to “Grado Design” exhibition during Milan Design Week 2014
He participated in the “Danese Milano’s new collections” exhibition during Milan Design Week 2009.
He participated in “Macef in Town” in Triennale Milano, an important exhibition in the famous location Triennale
Milano Museum, with the mission of a charity auction sponsored by Unicef
He participated in the “CP Company-Stone Island” exhibition during Milan Design Week 2005, presenting new original designs about futuristic portable objects.
He believes in Design as a connection between “Us”, men who love, and “Them”, objects of unknown desires.

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