Designer Profile - Simone Colombo

Designer Profile - Simone Colombo - grado
Born in Milan in 1988, he obtained a degree in Higher Education in applied experimental art, then in 2012, he graduated in Industrial Design at the IED in Milan. Proactive, energetic, /lively, creative, /friendly, flexible, and passionate. Curious about the reaction of the different people who come in contact with his projects. He's a free person and very inspired. The professional training gained during the studies made it possible to develop a good balance between freehand sketching and 3D digital drawing. The freshness of the sketch and the precision of the graphic software translates into a style very engaging and personal.
Different experiences and collaborations accrued, including those at Studio Lissoni and Associates, Plumen, Adidas, Reebok, and MAD Agency as a graphic and 3d modeler.
He has participated in numerous exhibitions including Salone Satellite 2008 and Milan Design Week 2014 and 2015, the HOMI Maker Design Award, and Maker Fair European Edition 2015, and inserted in the Forbes list of 30U30 creative of the year in Europe.

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