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Our mission is to create furniture that embodies your unique style and personality—crafting each piece with meticulous attention to detail. Ensuring that every item tells a story as special as your own home.

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In 2009, a passionate young team founded Kewo Design, offering innovative design services. However, the rise of cheap knockoffs was disheartening. The turning point came when they saw the Swedish government destroying counterfeit furniture from China.

Our Journey Begins

In 2014, Alex and Wendy founded Grado with a dream to revolutionize living spaces. Grado isn’t just a brand; it’s a mission to break free from monotonous designs. Our name, meaning "degree" in Italian, signifies our commitment to innovative, sustainable, and stylish furniture. Grado’s creations promise durability, environmental integrity, and a better tomorrow.


Since 2014, Alex and Wendy have led Grado, blending aesthetics with functionality. Their vision: furniture that tells a story of beauty and practicality. Committed to sustainability, they use eco-friendly materials and practices to craft unique, responsible pieces. Grado's journey includes numerous awards, beginning at Milan Design Week in April 2014.

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