2 Seater Sofas

Elevate any small space with our contemporary loveseat. With enough space for two,  this small sofa exudes hygge comfort and style.


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Brie SofaBrie Sofa
İndirimli fiyat$2,949.00 USD 'den başlayan
Pent Sofa / 3-Seater - gradoPent Sofa / 3-Seater - grado
İndirimli fiyat$3,061.00 USD
Lord Matt Sofa - gradoLord Matt Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$2,403.00 USD
Island Sofa - gradoIsland Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,875.00 USD 'den başlayan
Kalimba Modular Sofa - gradoKalimba Modular Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,097.00 USD 'den başlayan
Kalimba sofa - gradoKalimba sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,872.00 USD
Skirt Sofabed - gradoSkirt Sofabed - grado
İndirimli fiyat$2,579.00 USD 'den başlayan
Wet Book Sofa6Wet Book Sofa4
İndirimli fiyat$2,300.00 USD
Swell Sofa / 2-Seater - gradoSwell Sofa / 2-Seater - grado
İndirimli fiyat$2,012.00 USD
Skirt Sofa - gradoSkirt Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,425.00 USD 'den başlayan
Pancake Modular Sofa - gradoPancake Modular Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,800.00 USD 'den başlayan
Lasagna Sofa - gradoLasagna Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,533.00 USD
Modern Design Combination Soft SofaModern Design Combination Soft Sofa
İndirimli fiyat$2,818.50 USD 'den başlayan