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Contemporary living spaces incorporate daybeds, a versatile and charming solution that smoothly fuses comfort and functionality into a sophisticated furniture item. Whether you are looking for a comfortable seat for afternoon leisure or a portable sleeping option for guests, our sofas are capable of addressing your various needs.

The unparalleled versatility of daybeds is what makes them so endearing. During the day, they play as inviting benches, ideal for relaxing, reading, chatting or having leisure activities with friends. Sleek designs and cushions create a very cozy atmosphere for our daybeds and allow any room to look better and have a sophisticated appearance at the same time.

By day, daybeds serve as inviting benches and effortlessly convert into cozy sleeping spaces at night, perfect for accommodating guests or optimizing  limited living space. Our sleeper sofa made of a heavy frame and a supportive mattress, ensures a peaceful slumber for both you and your guests.

Functionality is the hallmark of our daybed designs. Their flexible configurations enable them to be easily adapted to changing needs and different tastes. Whether it is a day time relaxing place or a night time sleeping alternative, the daybed has a lot of advantages for any situation.

Convenience is yet another thing that distinguishes our daybeds. They are small, easy to disassemble and suitable for small living quarters or rooms with confined space. The portability and the lightweight design of these beds make them easy to move and rearrange to suit different purposes such as setting up seating and sleeping areas at any location. Besides their practicality and convenience, our daybeds add elegance to any room. Designed with smooth curves, premium materials and deliberate precision, our daybeds take living room spaces to another level with class and coziness.

Upgrade your living room with a Grado daybed sofa or daybed sofa sleeper and enjoy stylish, comfortable, and functional furniture. We have a variety of designs and configurations that will surely fit your lifestyle and style preferences.



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Skirt Sofabed - gradoSkirt Sofabed - grado
Цена по акцииОт $2,579.00 USD
Wonton Daybed - gradoWonton Daybed - grado
Цена по акцииОт $1,347.00 USD
9-Layer-Daybed-grado9-Layer Daybed - grado
Цена по акции$1,829.00 USD