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Pinnocchio Candle Holder / S

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Pinnocchio Candle Holder / S

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Design Concept

We work hard in the outside world, trying to make ourselves as solid as a rock, but sometimes time seems to be pushed forward like a puppet on a string. We go home, character, and take some time to live. Add a touch of life to Pinocchio, add a flower, light a candle wick, and that is the puppet's heart, which begins to burn with enthusiasm for life. Whether as a centerpiece or a candle holder, Pinocchio stands there, waiting for you to light a heart for it. --designer says-- Pinocchio is a puppet on strings. It is led and moved by the owner to light the candle wick that has the focus. It lights up a corner of the greenhouse and becomes an important companion for the owner after returning home.


Sisi Hong, designer cooperating with grado, earned her master’s degree from Pratt Institution in the US. She has passion for unusual and playful ideas, as well as grotesque yet reasonable form. Her odyssey from rural area, to urban area, and then to the US, has endowed her with richer touch and elasticity. Sisi’s designs with grado include 9-layer Sofa and Zong Sofa.

Silent Placement

Each stone piece is carefully fitted with a precisely cut EVA internal cushion core, offering effective shock absorption and protection for your placed items. (The cushion core is affixed inside and is not removable.) Complementing EVA feet on the bottom provide protection against scratches on your desktop

Decorative Packaging

Exquisitely crafted by hand, our gift box packaging adds an elegant touch. It can be used to handwrite a personalized message of well-wishes or serve as a stylish storage box.

Scenario Shows

Picture your Pinocao Candle Holder enhancing your dining table with a scented candle's warm glow. It adds sophistication for cozy dinners or quiet evenings.

In the living room, it elevates your decor with its elegance and soothing candlelight.

On your nightstand, it creates a serene bedroom ambiance for relaxation.

When the candle's done, it becomes a stylish keepsake box, a versatile and beautiful addition to your decor, perfect for any room.

Unique Code

Every Pinocchio carries a singular serial number, a symbol of its exclusive ownership, and a testament to its one-of-a-kind charm. Each number tells a story, forging a bond between you and this unique piece, creating an intimate connection that resonates with the essence of authenticity and individuality. Own more than just an object; possess a timeless treasure, a part of your own narrative.