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Hug Cushion

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Hug Cushion

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Hug Cushion - Non-profit Item Pre-sale - grado

Hug Cushion Inspiration:

  1. “Big Hands”: Translate the “big hands” into an abstract toss cushion in minimal design language, bringing about playfulness and warmth.
  2. Versatile Options: Serve as headrest, backrest, pillow, or toss cushion, meeting various needs.
  3. Unique Pattern: Collect unique printings from children with ASD, showing an odd but whimsical look. 

Common people would find it hard to communicate with one with ASD. Painting, however, might be the only smooth communication tool for us to get a knowledge of what they’re thinking about, and how they understand the world. Without the barrier of language use, children with ASD could feel free to express themselves through artistic creation. To see these odd but whimsical patterns on the Hug Cushion means to observe the world from a disparate vision of ASD. Instead of a physical hug, this artistic connection is more of a spiritual hug.

Disabled or not, we are all born to be equal, with equal dignity, equal rights, equal freedom to express, and equal value to be cared for and loved. This is exactly what grado tried to convey in its Hug Cushion. All the profits made by this new product are promised to help ASD patients in need.

Hug Cushion is a 180cm long pillow that can provide a comforting embrace when you need it most. Its figurative hands wrap around your body like a warm hug, giving you a sense of security and solace. With its length, it is easy to cuddle up and rely on it for an impulsive sense of comfort. Let Hug Cushion be your confidante when you feel alone - it’s always there to welcome you with open arms!


Fabric Selection

The designer chose a grainy yet wonderfully soft fabric to bring that warm, embracing feeling back into people's lives. Because this product is intended for use, the chosen style will make them curious about its potential. With that in mind, careful selection was an absolute necessity, and this fabric was the perfect choice.

Various Usage Scenarios

The unique shaping of the Hug Cushion will take your experience with it to the next level! Not only can it hold and support you, it can be turned into a waist supporter or even a nap cushion - the possibilities are endless! Discover the pleasure of Hug Cushion today!

 Hug Cushion gradodesign

Invisible Zipper

During normal use, the invisible zipper installed inside is almost invisible.Let the pure beauty of the pillow not be destroyedThe user experience is also improved Experience a design that looks sleek and sophisticated, with no visible zippers to take away from its stunning aesthetic. Enjoy a superior user experience with this contemporary design.

Environmentally PP Cotton

This cushion core is stuffed with PP cotton (also referred to as doll cotton)! Fluffy and plump, light and velvety, it holds its shape excellently. Whether you hug it or lean on it, the cushion core will distribute even pressure, never allowing it to be misshapen.