Mocaccino Sofa

Angebot$3,386.00 USD

Size: 3-Seats-Small: 83.46''W, 39.37''D, 30.71''H, 16.54''SH, 25.2''SD
3-Seats-Medium: 91.34''W, 39.37''D, 30.71''H, 16.54''SH, 25.2''SD
4-Seats-Small: 99.21''W, 39.37''D, 30.71''H, 16.54''SH, 25.2''SD
4-Seats-Medium: 111.02''W, 39.37''D, 30.71''H, 16.54''SH, 25.2''SD
4-Seats-Large: 118.9''W, 39.37''D, 30.71''H, 16.54''SH, 25.2''SD

Size: 3-Seats


Color: Umit
Seat Length: Small

Seat Length

Mocaccino Sofa

Design Details

Mocaccino Sofa embodies the understated elegance of Old Money Decor. Blending large leather with mirrored stainless steel, it's a classic Bauhaus-style piece. The gleam of mirrored steel adds a touch of brilliance to the overall design. Natural creases not only enhance comfort but also lend a sense of effortless elegance.

Handmade & Top Leather

Mocaccino Sofa is carefully handcrafted from six whole pieces of real leather. This requires artisans to meticulously control the creases and size, creating a comfortable tactile experience. The sofa is upholstered in Napa Leather, known for its eco-friendly, odorless material. The hand-tanning process gives the leather a smooth, breathable feel like skin, while ensuring durability and resistance to fading. Plus, it's easy to clean.

Soft Padding

Mocaccino Sofa is padded with high-quality white goose down and high resilience foam. When you are sitting down, Mocaccino Sofa will give you comfortable support. This unique blend of this padding material gives the sofa cloud-like comfort, allowing you to skin in effortlessly, while enjoying optimal cushioning that gently molds your body.

Split Design

To avoid the hassle of carrying and installing a large sofa, the split design of the sofa solves this problem. The hook-and-lock mechanism allows the sections of the sofa to connect seamlessly and can be hidden when not in use. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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