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Buttersofa, 3-Sitzer

Normaler Preis $2,128.00

Buttersofa, 3-Sitzer

Normaler Preis $2,128.00
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Butter Sofa, 4 Seater - grado

Design Concept

The Butter Sofa series is inspired by cut butter. The overall shape is like butter, with neat horizontal and vertical lines cut out as needed, creating a clean and wide three-dimensional vision, and meeting the needs of various spaces with the simplest styling language. In 2022, grado's Butter series will be fully upgraded: the new single seat can be used as a fireplace sofa, suitable for the living room or business negotiation area; the new footrest and seat post can also be used as coffee tables and sun beds; the newly upgraded butter module The sofa system meets the need for more space. Whether it is a small apartment, studio, or a large villa or business hall, the Butter sofa series is a versatile furniture solution.

American Selected Nappa Leather

Selecting the finest first-layer yellow cowhide, it is natural and environmentally friendly, retaining the natural texture and original skin texture to the greatest extent. Compared with ordinary cowhide, the touch is more delicate and silky, showing a delicate and advanced texture from details to space.

Widen Armrest Design

The width of the armrest reaches 37cm, so you can lean on it comfortably, place a book or watch a movie on your tablet.

Free leather pillow

It comes with 2 pillows and 1 lumbar pillow. If you want to sit more comfortably, read a book or chat with family and friends, these pillows are your very best partners.

Low Center of Gravity Design

The overall low center of gravity design of the sofa makes the vision and sitting feel full and substantial. Children can easily climb on it and feel safe and secure.

Worry-Free Entry

The armrests on both sides can be easily removed for easy transportation and easy entry into the home.