Grado Elegance: Crafting Jack and Amy's Sanctuary

Grado Elegance: Crafting Jack and Amy's Sanctuary

Owner: Jack and Amy
Location: Los Angeles, USA

For Jack and Amy, who appreciate the finer things in life, creating a home that epitomized minimalist luxury was not just a dream—it was a necessity. They found their answer in Grado, a brand that speaks the language of exquisite living and elegant design, ready to fulfill their aspirations.

The moment they introduced the Ondo Sofa into their living space, the room was instantly imbued with an atmosphere of warmth and grace. Drawn to its generous cushions and supple fabric, the sofa offered a haven for relaxation while its timeless design seamlessly integrated into their abode.


To create additional lounging spots, Jack and Amy selected the Puffy Lounge Chair. The chairs promised comfort matched by impeccable craftsmanship, making each moment of repose an indulgence. Whether delving into a book or contemplating the pastoral view outside, these chairs provided the ideal spot for tranquility.

Their choice of the Toffee Coffee Table, with its sleek design and neutral hues, melded into the overall space. Serving as a platform for snacks and beverages, it became the nucleus for sharing laughter with family and friends.

With Grado’s furnishings, their house transitioned from a mere living area to a core of family and emotion-rich home. Now, whenever guests arrive, Jack and Amy proudly showcase their living room—a perfect blend of aesthetics and function.

The inclusion of Grado furniture elevated Jack and Amy's quality of life. Their home became not just their living space but a reflection of their personalities and a sanctuary for their spirits. This is the lifestyle philosophy Grado Furniture espouses: Your home tell your story.


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