Unveiling the Essence of Inspired Living: Designed by Her

Unveiling the Essence of Inspired Living: Designed by Her - grado

Every woman has a voice, every woman tells the stories in their own ways. As we approach the 2024 Women’s Day, resonating with its empowering theme of "Inspire Inclusion", we're reminded of the profound impact of women's stories and perspectives that would shape our world.


Grado, a global furniture design company with an inclusive vibe, is always proudly standing alongside women, believing that together, we can forge a better world through creativity and collaboration. We also realize that creating a space can reflect one’s unique personality and taste, the process of choosing furniture likes a collision and resonance between different souls in some extent.



Therefore, we're thrilled to introduce our latest initiative--"Inspired Living: Designed by Her". This special activity meticulously showcases a series of furniture “Designed by Her”, crafted by our talented female designers. Each piece is a testament to the power of women in design, combining aesthetics, professionalism, and comfort to create truly exceptional products.
Let's delve into the stories behind some of the standout pieces from our collection:

Mia Yu has joined Grado for more than 5 years, she always supposes that “A good designer can build a relationship between human and objects”. Therefore, her designs are packed with imagery that'll spark your imagination.



Inspired from the graceful movement of a girl's flying skirt, Mia embodies lightness and agility in the Skirt Sofa. The fabric cover of the sofa hangs naturally like a girl's skirt, and will dance gently when the wind blows. In order to achieve this effect, the selection of materials was not easy. The fabric used before was relatively thick and heavy, and the overall look was dull, which wasn't in line with the Mia’s original idea. After repeated selections, Mia and her team finally decided to use natural cotton and linen blended fabric, which is skin-friendly, anti-wrinkle and wear-resistant. In addition to the lightness brought by this fabric itself, there is another advantage worth integrating. Mia and Grado emphasize environmental responsibility of company, during the entire process of fabric processing, no chemical softeners are added, and the fabric is only soaked in drinkable fruit enzymes, thereby maintaining the original and natural feel of the fabric while being soft enough to be skin-friendly.
Maybe you are not sure whether this sofa is suitable for different decoration styles, which is unnecessary. With its simple yet versatile design, the Skirt Sofa effortlessly complements any interior style, whether it’s a casual country style or a stylish urban style. And its extra-wide cushion, inviting you to cozy up with your loved ones.


Mia also tries to combine and transform different cultures in her works. Indulge your senses with the Pan Flute, a tempting creation inspired by the delicious food of Italy. Food can bring us a sense of satisfaction, as well as wash away our fatigue. This fully padded, stretchy sofa features vertical upholstery strips, with fluffy three-proof lambswool fabric, bring you an uncredible enjoy. Made from three-proof lambswool fabric, it's not just stylish – it's practical too, with water-proof, oil-proof, and stain-proof properties. So go ahead, enjoy your favorite snacks on the sofa without a worry.
“A well-designed furniture cannot be too far away from our daily lives,” Sisi Hong believes, who is graduated from the Pratt Institute in New York. “My initial idea of the Nestle Lounge Chair was that the nestle is like a home for each of us, fulling of happiness and hope”, Sisi said. Coming home tired from fast-paced life, let your body sink deeply into the chair, and the soft backrest will wrap your entire body. It's a moment of pure relaxation, allowing you to leave behind the stresses of daily life and bask in tranquility. The original shape of this sofa was totally like a nestle that the backrest was too low for people sitting, taking into account ergonomic principles, Sisi decided to add round tube legs at the bottom to give the Nestle Lounge Chair a tall design and help shape the backrest.



Eden Lu insists that a well-designed furniture is full of emotions, it not only cares about the human, but also should consider all the lives. Noticing more and more people don’t live alone, pets become a part of family nowadays, the Petpal Lounge Chair is designed. “I choose this name because I think each pet is hoping to stay with their owner, and in our home, we should design a space that is specifically for these lovely”, Eden said. The chair features a fashionable thumbs-up shape that is both unique and eye-catching. It's not just a chair, it's a statement piece that adds taste to any room while giving your furry pets a spot to play. The size of this chair is small so you can put it in every corner of your room, and it can blend perfectly into any decoration style.



Thanks to the professionalism, creative ideas, and delicate perception of our female designers, Grado is proud to offer a range of well-designed and unique furniture to our customers. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating the power of women in design through the "Inspired Living: Designed by Her" event. Embrace your unique voice, discover the stories behind our "Designed by Her" collection, and witness the magic of female designers. 
As we look to the future, Grado remains committed to providing a professional and supportive platform for our talented female designers, ensuring they can create more brilliant furniture that enriches the lives of our customers.



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