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Toffee Coffee Table / Long

SKU: TOF-TB-CT-1207-MFC06-PC06
Regular price $828.00
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Toffee Coffee Table / Long

SKU: TOF-TB-CT-1207-MFC06-PC06
Regular price $828.00
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Design Inspiration

Toffee Series features with a tabletop inspired from the caramelizing sugar color of toffee. We carefully selected walnut for the tabletop veneer to guarantee a buttery smooth texture, with its rounded side of the rectangle top adding a softness to the touch.The black stander and metal plate base below are perfect fit forthe overall minimalistic appearance.

Sleek Shape-Carefully Polished

A look that's sleek and polished to perfection!Toffee Table  / square feature anti-collision arcs of meticulous design with every corner rounded to keep you and your family safe while still looking great. No sharp edges here!

Beautiful and Sturdy Walnut Wood

This Toffee coffee table boasts a streamlined countertop, making it both comfortable and long-lasting. The beautiful walnut wood adds a lovely touch of color. With its strength and durability, this table can even enhance the emotional connection and warmth among family members.

A Sleek Yet Sturdy Countertop Design

The countertop boasts a broad and robust design, ensuring durability and strength. With a panel thickness of an inch, complemented by rounded edges, the design sheds any sense of bulkiness, adopting a sleek and nimble appearance without compromising on its solid and stable foundation.

Durable Match

Metal Frame Mirroring Countertop Contours, Built for Longevity with Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Oxidation Quality

Daily Maintenance

Furniture needs your careful attention

  • Precautions:
  • 1. Avoid direct exposure to high temperatures. Overexposure can dry out the wood and cause it to fade.
  • 2. Avoid an environment that is too dry/humid (humidity 45~75% is appropriate), and usually condition the wood Ability to absorb moisture in space, but extreme environments can damage the material itself
  • 3. Avoid contact with hard/hot objects and use placemats to protect surfaces and avoid collisions.
  • 4. Avoid dragging furniture. Forcible dragging may cause cracks in the wooden elements, which can be lifted and moved.
  • 5. Please trim your pet's nails regularly to reduce scratches from sharp objects.